Slot Review: Hercules High and Mighty

The legend of Hercules needs no introduction, right? He was the son of Zeus in Greek mythology and was renowned for his superhuman strength and many exploits. The titular character has, of course, been featured in a wide variety of media. Movies, novels, and even video games are all in this category. But now he’s also the central figure of this slot machine from Barcrest. You’re set for an exciting journey back to ancient Greece in Hercules High and Mighty. This slot game lives up to Barcrest’s reputation for producing engaging slot games. You’ll discover a wide variety of game types and symbols to choose from. The game also features some impressive visuals. It’s a shame the game’s audio doesn’t better complement the atmosphere. Sounds reminiscent of an arcade machine are all that remain. If you can get past this, though, the developer’s offering is actually quite exciting.

Prove Your Muscle!

This game has a standard setup of five reels and five rows. Since most slot machines only have room for three or four rows, this is a refreshingly novel take on the user interface. This one’s larger layout is actually extremely attractive. Players can expect to see icons representing a variety of images on its reels. Spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds are the four suits of standard playing cards. These signs have the least financial value. There are, however, six other symbols presented alongside. Cerberus, the three-headed hound, is the starting point. The terrifying hydra follows, then a lion and the mythical winged horse Pegasus. Zeus and Alcmene, Hercules’s parents, are also shown.

In addition to these elements, there are fifty different ways to win in this game. Since you are unable to alter their appearance in any way, you will have to stick to betting on them as is. However, the amount bet every spin is customizable by all players. To accomplish this, use the left-hand plus and minus buttons. These allow you to adjust your stake from £0.01 to £5 per active pay line. In other words, a total wager of £250 is the highest that can be placed. To the right of the reels is a red ‘Autoplay’ button. This will allow you to spin for 100 continuous rounds at the current bet size.

Engage with Ancient Greek Mythology

Intriguing slot games are plenty from Barcrest, as was previously said. This applies to more than simply the aesthetics, by the way. Unique characteristics are another major selling point. The wild symbol is just the beginning of the game’s unusual features. This icon is represented by Hercules, and he can substitute for any other symbol besides the bonus icons. But there’s more: if you’re using the £20 Big Bet enhancement, the icon will grow to fill the entire screen whenever even a small portion of it appears. The card symbols disappear at a £30 Big Bet, while the wilds stay put until a win is formed at a £50 Big Bet. In addition, Mighty Reels will activate when Hercules first appears in view. As a result, the reel’s chains will increase in height, and there will be twice as many pay lines in play.

The golden Greek coin represents the bonus symbol. Free games are triggered when three or more of these symbols appear in view. When three of these appear, you’ll receive eight extra turns. A total of 12 bonus spins are yours when you get four scatter symbols, and 20 when you get five. The free spins have the same number of pay lines and prize amounts as the main game, and the bonus symbols appear on every reel. If a portion of a wild appears during the free spins round, it will grow to fill the entire screen.

In Conclusion

The allure of Greek mythology guarantees the success of any game that uses it as its foundation. A game based on Hercules is a fantastic idea, and this one in particular has some interesting twists on the standard gameplay. Not only that, but the visuals are also quite attractive.






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